Ealing Conservatives Release Election Manifesto

Countdown to May 22nd

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The Conservatives are the last of the big parties to unveil their Manifesto in the run-up to the elections on 22nd May.

They say the pledges, which form the basis of the manifesto, have been fully costed by senior Council finance officers, aim to deliver a better, cleaner borough and to help residents with the cost of living.

The Conservatives say their Manifesto is brimming with new ideas around enforcement, street cleanli'ness, working with the police and fairer charging for residents'.

Cllr David Millican, Conservative Opposition Leader said: “We have spent the best part of the 2 years actively listening to residents and I am pleased that the Manifesto that we have developed delivers on the key local priorities for all our residents: A better, cleaner borough and help with the cost of living.

''The Manifesto also includes a number of new ideas on how to deliver our services creatively and fairly within a tight financial envelope.

''We know and more importantly, residents know, that Labour has not prioritised the services that matter to most people: clean streets and parks, safer communities and fairer charging.

''If you want more reckless spending on empty car parks, IPads, dirty streets and parks, libraries closing by stealth and higher taxes, then vote Labour.''

Mr Millican summarises:

1 The street cleaning and waste collection to be fixed

2 An end to Labour’s £40 garden tax

3 Council Tax frozen for 4 years

4 All parking charges frozen for 4 years

5 £10M more spent than Labour fixing our roads and pavements

6 To get rid of the street drinking culture

7th May 2014