And They're Off....

Labour release pledges in the race for victory for election 2014

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There may still be four months to go for residents to vote in the local authority elections, but one party's already launched its campaign.

Labour have released their top five priorities which they hope will lead them back into power on May 22nd.

They pledge to:

1. Keep council tax low with a fifth consecutive council tax freeze next year

2.  Continue to campaign to save our hospitals from Tory cuts, including a blue light service at Ealing & Charing Cross A&Es

3. Install new CCTV, alley gates and street lighting in crime hotspots.

4. Make Ealing cleaner, including 50% recycling by 2018

5. Build at least 500 new council homes and create 500 apprenticeships for young people

Labour leader Cllr Julian Bell unveiled the pledges as part of the new pledge card which Labour will be distributing to all voters. He said:

“This pledge card is a simple and clear indication of what a Labour council will mean for residents of the borough. We will build on our achievements of the last 4 years, delivering a council tax freeze for the fifth consecutive year, continuing the fight to save our hospitals and addressing the key residents’ concerns of tackling crime, keeping the borough clean, protecting the environment, investing in young people and delivering more affordable homes.

''In the face of continued cuts to our budgets by the Tory-led Government we are determined to keep improving council services for local people and delivering major investment projects in our schools, town centres and housing estates.”





21st January 2014