MP Voices Frustration over Ealing Broadway Station

Describes situation as 'appalling' in letter to Crossrail CEO

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Angie Bray MP

New Plans For Ealing Broadway Station

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Angie Bray, MP for Ealing Central and Acton, has written a strongly worded letter to Terry Morgan CBE over the issue of Ealing Broadway Station. She voices her frustration over the failure of Crossrail to release key information about their plans to the public and describes the situation as 'absolutely appalling'.

The Council has received information regarding the project but Ms. Bray points out that there 'are many people with a keen interest in this matter well beyond councillors and their officers who wish to see what is planned. I have great sympathy with this.'

The full details will be released next year for a consultation period which is scheduled to last for six to eight weeks. Ms. Bray describes this as 'scarcely adequate for an issue of such major importance to the community. She points out that if any one was to raise a major query about the scheme there would be little time to make any adjustments to reflect local concerns as the project is so behind schedule.

She urges Mr. Morgan to put key information about the project into the public domain to alleviate local frustration.

She concludes by saying, "I am sure you will agree, the local community has been left dangling and waiting for key information for far too long."

Crossrail has already been subject to criticism over failing to take account of local opinion in the project and not properly publicising public consultations.

November 1, 2012