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The Campaign for next London Mayor is drawing to a close

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As the race to see who will be the next London Mayor draws to a close, campaigners of one of he main players are keen to show how busy their man has been locally.

Team 'Boris' say he has been active in Greenford, Ealing Broadway, West Ealing, Southall and Acton setting out his nine point plan to secure Greater London's future.
In Greenford he told locals that crime was an issue he had taken seriously as Mayor and promised if re-elected to put 2,000 more police in Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

Angie Bray, MP for Ealing Central and Acton, along with Richard Barnes, Deputy Mayor of London and Assembly Member for Ealing and Hillingdon, accompanied Boris to the Love Acton finale on Saturday 31st March, where he met the organisers who were setting up the market square. Love Acton was partly funded by his £50million Outer London Fund.
Angie took Boris to Ealing Broadway where shoppers gathered to have their picture taken. After the visit Angie said,
“In these difficult economic times I am delighted that Boris has protected investment in public transport. Securing Crossrail, which will have five stops in Ealing, will be a big boost for the borough - help drive the local economy and create jobs.”
Boris continued his visit to Ealing by meeting Richard Barnes in Ealing Southall.
Richard Barnes said:
“On May 3rd London will have their chance to vote for their choice of Mayor. In Boris, Ealing has a Mayor that invests in regenerating their towns, has funded local projects, has improved local stations and forecourts, has made transport safer, has scrapped the Bendy Bus, has scrapped the Western Congestion charge and has not only cut the Mayor’s share of Council tax for the last four years, but has pledged to go further and cut it by 10% over the next four years.  Boris Johnson is the Mayor to secure a Greater London.”



Candidates for London Mayoral Election May 3rd

Siobhan Benita, Independent
Carlos Cortiglia British National Party
Boris Johnson Conservative
Jenny Jones, Green
Ken Livingstone, Labour
Brian Paddick, Liberal Democrat
Lawrence Webb, Fresh Choice for London (UKIP)


Who is standing on May 3rd


27th April 2012