Battle of The Hot Shots

Tell us about your favourite coffee shop - best nomination gets breakfast with their caffeine fix

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Where to get the best cup of coffee in Ealing? There was a tepid response to our request for your thoughts on this controversial issue at the start of the Summer, but that was before two events that will have shaken the Ealing coffee drinking community...

Yes, the battle is hotting up in Ealing - not only do we now have a Starbucks, but the cosy Munsons has just gone supersize.

But are they the best that Ealing has to offer or is it all hype? We want answers and being unable to drink quite that much coffee ourselves we want subscribers to help us compile a top ten places to get your caffeine fix.

If you would like to nominate your favourite you could email me on including the name of the establishment, name of coffee you order (though results will be decided upon number of recommendations for establishment), and the cost. And why not go a little bit further and tell us why your nomination ticks all your boxes? The only constraint on nominations is that the café / bar / restaurant must be in W5 or 13.

But if that sounds a bit too much like hard work (why waste good coffee drinking time?!), you could always just go straight to our EalingToday Service Directory and leave feedback against the coffee shop of your choice. We will be collating all the feedback received there to compile the list.

Not only will you be helping put your friendly local café on the map, you may also be putting yourself in the frame for a free breakfast. The participant who entertains us most with their nomination will win themselves a breakfast alongside their coffee in their favourite venue.

To get the ball rolling my favourite is Manana, not just because it's the first cafe I come to on leaving my house, although that has a lot to do with it. They know what I drink, black Americano (£1.65) and Pink Baby Cino (50p) for the precocious little thing that shouts her order as soon as she's flung open their door (pink is the colour of the cup, not the froth). My two year old wouldn't let me walk past this cafe without going in for our coffee and who am I to argue? It's like home from home for me now - in fact I'm writing this article while sipping one of Chris' finest because this great little cafe has wireless broadband. So Manana gets my vote but what's yours? Let the battle of the hot shots commence.

Results will be published in due course.

Charlie Canniff

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