Star Cafe, Northfield Avenue

Internet access in calm and light atmosphere

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115, Northfield Avenue

So what do you call a collection of cafes in one small area? A mugful of coffee shops? A stir of greasy spoons? A society of cafes? Suggestions on the forum please!

For Northfield Avenue, let's call it a sprinkle of cafes, and the Star Cafe joins this sprinkle just down from Tescos and the Cafe Creperie Cila. It is Lebanese, but in character much more like an internet cafe, with modern light decor and a bank of PCs down one wall. Soft opera plays in the background and the mood is calm. It's very light and airy, with a surprising amount of space. The regimented row of tables down the centre of the room is rather clinical, but the friendliness and warmth of the staff soften it up. There was a selection of coffees, cakes and Lebanese savouries - the baklava was particularly good.

October 25, 2006