Meet the Drayton Court's Pigeon Man

Keep a beady eye on this one, he's going places

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The Drayton Court,
2 The Avenue W13.

Pub: 0208 997 1019. Ticket hotline: 07906 162 889.

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Phil Zimmerman is persecuted by pigeons, often the one-legged ones that 'sort of hop around outside KFC'. Or rather, as he is at pains to point out, his alter ego 'the Pigeon Man' is. But is it just me, or does he not look rather like one of our feathered friends himself...

Meet the multiple faces of Drayton Court's Comedy Night - MC, comedian, promoter, football journalist, actor, singer songwriter, and founder of the APL - Anti Pigeon League.

So what did the pigeons ever do to Phil? It's all in the breeding. One day as Phil lay contemplating what to do with his life (and he had a number of possible avenues as you've read) his thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of pigeons 'shagging'. According to Phil, he was between girlfriends at the time and felt they were 'mocking' him.

The Pigeon Man was born and it is a persona that has helped him wing his way all around the comedy circuit, up to Edinburgh, and onto our screens with appearances on Never Mind the Buzzcocks (as that psychotic character in the identity parade) and ITV2's Gagging For It.

He once reportedly didn't utter a word for the first six minutes of a gig, sending the whole room into hysterics entirely through the use of facial expressions. "That was absolute genius," said promoter John Layne. "That was real power up there. You don't often see a performance like that."

He was born in Perivale and says he spent his formative years 'in a cupboard under the stairs'. "I don't blame the parents - it was only for eight years or so..."

As you may have gathered, Phil's humour is, shall we say, off the wall. And this brand of comedy is what you can expect at the Drayton Court on friday nights. The next gig is on December 21 and is going to be a special Christmas party character comedy night starring two award winning comics - Simon Munnery, Simon Brodkin. And of course the Pigeon Man will be flying in.

Doors 8pm, Show 9pm. Live music and DJ till 2am. Admission £9/members £6.

For more information and reservations: 07906 162 889 or

December 14, 2007