The Reluctant Runner Shuffles In

and says hello (in a rather pathetic way)


The Reluctant Runner Makes an Effort

The Reluctant Runner is Stuck

The Reluctant Runner Finds Herself in A Black Hole

The Reluctant Runner Runs.. (a Bit)

Ealing's Reluctant Runner Returns

Ealing's Reluctant Runner Is Back!

The Reluctant Runner Turns Magnificent Marshal

The Reluctant Runner is .... Volunteering

Ealing's Reluctant Runner... Runs Again

Diary of a Reluctant Runner - 2012 The Beginning

I Did It! 2012

I Believed ..And I Did It! 2013

Everyone Got The Ealing Feeling - Images from EHM 2013

2014 - The Finale

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I'm rubbish aren't I?

Well I'm not totally, but I am rubbish at ahem, keeping this diary, and even worse at <cough, cough> 'training' for the Ealing half marathon.

So, the short version is I haven't been doing any running.

The long version would take lots of deep ( 'tell me about your childhood') type analysis, which I don't think you, nor I, have got the time for.

Basically, I've just not been feeling it (and there are loads of reasons/excuses which can be pulled from the bag if needed) and I have come very close to actually hanging up those trainers for good.

BUT.... I'm not.

There's still time to get my act together so I can (joy oh joy!) drag myself around those 13.1 miles in September once again.

Never been one to give up - I'm rather stubborn like that - and how can I now when, out of the blue, I encounter this?

(It's a sign! ;)

Hope to report that I have done some actual running one day ...( when it stops raining!!) soon.


Annemarie Flanagan

23rd June 2016


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