Ealing's Reluctant Runner...  Runs Again

Why? Because Ealing Half Marathon is heading this way

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Go Outdoors Fitness

Go Outdoor Fitness
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Go to www.ealinghalfmarathon.com for further details and to register, like the Facebook page www.facebook.com/ealinghalf and follow @EalingHalf on Twitter to keep up to date with all the latest news about the Ealing Half Marathon.


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What I don't understand is a) just how just quickly a year can whizz by and b) what on earth am I doing even thinking about embarking on the Ealing Half Marathon (EHM) once more?

For those who haven't followed my somewhat torturous journey thus far -a quick precis.

I am one of the least likely people to run - let alone attempt a half marathon. I valiantly did Ealing's first one in 2012 because it was the first, and, well, basically we were all in a state of post Olympic euphoria. I mostly walked and was nearly (but not quite) the last person to finish. Go me!

I thought that was it, never again, but no...I was given a place by the lovely EHM team for the following year, and for some unknown reason and despite suffering a variety of traditional injuries I made an effort to train... in my own very reluctant manner of course.

I can't say I enjoyed the training and certainly didn't discover that running bug that so many speak of, but I got round the 13.1 miles in a slightly better time than in attempt no 1.

Why I agreed to do it yet again last year I really can't fathom. Probably because - as has been recognised in various runners awards now - it has the best community atmosphere - the people of Ealing are fantastic support - and really did help me when I was struggling ( most of the route).

I did make more of an effort with the training last year and was feeling a little bit fitter.

But the day itself was too hot for me (and many others ) and this, compounded with the fact that I had toothache, really didn't make for a pleasant run.

Nevertheless I actually finished - yep that's still my most favourite bit of the run, the FINISH line, and apparently managed a PB (that's 'personal best' for those like me who aren't clued up).

So here I go again... reluctant as ever, but this time I'm getting some help from fitness instructor Gareth Goffin.

A British Military Fitness trainer, he's coached loads of people and is on a mission to prevent injury, which he says is all too common with runners.

After watching and filming my 'technique' I'm now beginning to work on changing from my heavy footed heel-toe step to the far lighter toe-heel.

You can read countless arguments (if you really want!) on the pros and cons of different ways of landing the foot and frankly I haven't a clue but am prepared to listen and learn from those who know more....

Gareth set up Go Outdoors Fitness to get people out of gyms and into the outdoors and helps motivate many Ealing clients.

I know I certainly need motivation - running for running's sake has never been something I have understood. One of my aims is to improve my finish time - but more importantly I really want to enjoy not just endure the race.

I look forward to Gareth's valuable input over the next few weeks and wonder if this Reluctant Runner will ever see herself as a 'Real Runner'?

Hmm...Don't hold your breath!

Annemarie Flanagan


29th July 2015