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Munir Ahmed is standing for Labour in Perivale

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I have lived in Perivale for almost twenty years and know the area well, understanding the issues and concerns of the local residents. As I am one of them, I can be their voice in the council and help them resolve our local problems. As a Local Councillor I will be available all time any time. I believe that people of Perivale have always helped me throughout my two decades of residency and now it is my turn to serve them. One should only stand as a councillor if he/she has a wish to serve.

As I am a Business Studies Graduate who has been successfully running a business locally for the past 18 years, strengthening my relationship with the local business community and gaining expertise in the management field, I am aware how to manage the resources effectively and how to keep a good relationship with others in the business community. I am confident that I will be a true representative of local business people and help them grow and offer my assistance.

I am a family man and have seen my children grow up in the area and now they have gone to High Schools, to study Business Management at University and attend Medical Schools. I know exactly how the families and youth feel about local councillors and what they expect from them and I am convinced that I will be an asset to the community.

I am the Chair of Governors at Vicars Green Primary School and have led the team of Governors to help the school achieve an outstanding Ofsted report 2012. As I am also chair of Finance and Premises committees, I am responsible for a school budget, of over £1,400,000, and have to make calculated decisions to improve the school community by exercising my management skills most appropriately, skills which will be greatly beneficial to the community. Being a chair of governors involves me with parents, teachers and children and I have built very strong working relationships with them. Children who saw me as their chair of governors over seven years ago are now active adult members of my community. As I have practically demonstrated my excellent leadership skills to the school and parents, they have full faith and trust in me as they believe their children’s future is in safe hands. I am sure they will have the same trust in my leadership as a councillor and will support me at all levels.


As I attend local events, functions, festivals, church, temple, gurdawara and mosque events I am known in the community and many people ask me for help on many different issues and get my help. This is how I keep in touch with the community and the community with me. As I am a local resident, people are always comfortable to catch me on the streets of Perivale and address any concerns they may have directly to me, highlighting the pride I place on my accessibility to residents, a trait which I shall carry on when I am a councillor.


I believe the best councillor is the one who represents both his/her residents on behalf of their party in the council and at any platform. Looking at my track record, commitment, knowledge of the local area and council, strong relationship with local community and my passion to serve  I am sure that I will be the best councillor in my area to deal with local issues.


Munir Ahmed


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May 14th 2014