Has Ealing Lost Its Sense Of Humour?

Comedy Club closes after just 3 months

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The Crack Comedy club which opened in October 2009 and was based upstairs at the Haven pub in Ealing has closed its doors.

Promoter Erich McElroy told us there weren't enough people attending to make the venue viable :

''The club was going well, getting a nice group in every week, but not enough for us at this stage with commitments we have elsewhere. I have another promoter lined up to talk to the pub however, so hopefully there will be comedy on again soon!''

So does this mean Ealing people simply don't enjoy comedy nights?

Phil Zimmerman who promotes the successful 'Downstairs at the Drayton' disagrees.

He says:'' "Downstairs at the Drayton goes from strength to strength and will be celebrating its 3rd birthday in February. We reopen after the Christmas break on january 22nd and it's going to be another great season of laughter, music, friendship and fun. I think the secret is dedication, hard work, a great venue with a really vibrant atmosphere and having the aspiration to put on a really great night that will lift people's spirit's and give them a night to remember. Also, If you love what you are doing, other people will to."

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January 13th, 2010