Yoga, Relaxation, Meditation Classes In Ealing With The Himalayan Institute
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Weekly classes in Ealing, close to Ealing Broadway Station :

New Term Week starting 9th September 2013. Price £7 per week for full term or £10 per week drop in.

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Joanna on 020 8567 4745

Hatha Yoga

The term 'Hatha Yoga' is a generic one, and it covers all styles of physical yoga such as Astanga, Viniyoga, Iyengar, and Sivananda Yoga. Here at the Himalayan Institute our teachers' backgrounds and approaches differ slightly, but they are all influenced by the Himalayan practice of Hatha Yoga as taught by Swami Rama. Yoga postures are a remedy for the whole person. They promote health and energy. There is no achievement level or competition. Each person works within their own capacity, and it is for this reason that yoga is beneficial to all regardless of age, gender, body shape or previous experience.

Beginners Classes. Tuesday. 8.00 St Andrews Church Hall

Begin your yoga practice with this 13 week balanced programme introducing all the essentials of Hatha Yoga practice. Improve your health and energy levels through a progression of safe and relaxing yoga stretches and postures. Learn basic relaxation techniques.

Intermediate Classes. Tuesday & Wednesday 8.00 St Barnabas/Friends Meeting House

Develop your yoga practice, exploring new and more difficult postures, and variations to postures, whilst continuing with your relaxation, and beginning meditation. Increase your flexibility and endurance.  This course is generally for those with yoga experience and who ideally practice asana work and meditation at home. Click here to see our schedule of Yoga classes

Mixed Ability Classes. Thursday 6.30 Friends Meeting House

An early evening class for those who like to come straight from work. Carefully designed classes to suit all levels, including relaxation and breathing excercises.( Pranayama).  

Meditation/Philosophy Classes. Thursday 8.00 Friends Meeting House. £6.50 drop in

"Meditation can give you that which nothing else can give you. It introduces you to your own true self." Swami Rama

Meditation involves a type of inner attention that is quiet, concentrated, and at the same time relaxed.

Typically our mind is restless and confused, jumping from one thought to another making it difficult to find balance and rest. Meditation is a systematic and methodical practice that, even from the beginning, helps us find stability and calmness.

Meditation can give you the ability to improve your health, your relationships, and the skill and care with which you engage with life. Meditation is suitable for everyone.

With regular meditation you can realistically expect to find new levels of energy, relaxation, calmness, and relief from stress. For more details on this class talk to John Howell on 020 8567 8889

Testimonial. “I have been attending classes at the Himalayan Institute for many years, starting as a novice in the beginner’s class. Some 20 years later I am doing 2 yoga classes a week and attending the Meditation/philosophy classes. Living a busy and hectic life, I can honestly say that my attitude to difficulties and stressful situations has completely changed. I have learnt how to relax and breathe properly. I know how to look after my body and live for the moment. Problems don’t go away but being able to approach them with a calm mind certainly makes them smaller”. Joanna Russell. Business owner.


September 11, 2013