Tips On Designing The Perfect Office Space
BettaLiving can help make your home office a pleasure to work in

With companies increasingly looking to cut costs by encouraging home working and many more people bootstrapping their start-up businesses, an office is fast becoming a necessity in many people’s homes.

If you intend on spending eight to ten hours per day in your home office, it’s imperative to get the design right, to ensure that you remain inspired to work. With this in mind, we take a look at some top tips on designing the perfect office space.  

Don’t skimp on space

If you’re serious about creating the perfect office space, it’s important not to skimp on space - especially when it comes to desk space. Rather than choosing a small, compact individual desk, opt for long benches or L-shaped corner units. These options give you plenty of space on which to spread out, while still having enough room for all your essentials, such as computers, printers and telephones.

Avoid clutter by using space saving solutions

Clutter is an inevitable part of a home office. Rather than being unrealistic and assuming that you’re going to be tidy, it’s best to pre-empt clutter and plan accordingly.

Ensure that you install plenty of shelving and have a couple of drawers and some filing cabinets, all of which are integrated as part of the fitted home offices offered by Betta Living. Not only do these storage facilities give you a place to keep some of your more cumbersome equipment, but they also provide a ready-made overflow for paperwork and that inexplicable clutter that always seems to accumulate in vast volumes.

Comfort is imperative

When it comes to creating your perfect office space, comfort should be at the heart of every decision you make. If your home office is not inviting and comfortable, you’re almost certain to be less productive.

Invest wisely in a comfortable chair that is both padded and adjustable. If you’re going to be spending the best part of 40 hours per week in a chair, it needs to be comfortable and supportive, to avoid any unwanted back pain developing.

In addition to a good chair, little extras such as wrist supports, an ergonomic keyboard and a platform for your laptop are all essentials.  

Get the lighting right

Traditionally, desk lamps are a stalwart of the home office. These lamps are, however, space stealers, as well as generally providing inadequate lighting where it is really needed. Avoid the temptation to follow convention and go with something a little more effective, such as a standing lamp or lamps which hang from the ceiling. Not only do both of these options save you valuable desk space, they’ll also negate the need for straining your eyes, having a positive impact on your overall health and wellbeing.

Making the office uniquely yours

An integral part of any office space is its design. Rather than picking drab, lifeless colours, use your home office as an opportunity to experiment. Go for bold, daring colours that reflect your personality. Creating an engaging environment is a sure-fire way of keeping you motivated, even on the most difficult of days.

In addition to bold colours, paintings and pictures that inspire are the perfect way to add much-needed finishing touches to make your home office a productive haven that is uniquely yours.



January 10, 2014