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Charlie to stand down after two years of running your local web site


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EalingToday.co.uk is looking for a new editor after Charlie Canniff's decision to stand down from the role. She plans to remain a regular contributor but she didn't feel she could do the site justice given her other commitments.

Charlie did a great job on the site and managed to get the number of subscribers to the newsletter over 3,000. She will continue to be involved with the site and will be around to help the new editor to settle into their role.

Currently ealingtoday.co.uk has over 3,662 members but the aim would be to grow this number rapidly over the next two years to bring it closer to the level of www.chiswickw4.com which has over 15,000 registered users. We believe that this can be achieved by delivering the best quality local news for the area.

The ideal candidate would be someone with an excellent writing style, who has lived in the Ealing area for at least five years and is already active in the community. The editor would be expected to produce quality original news items about local affairs, restaurants, community life and the property market.

Only limited technical ability is needed. The candidate would have easy access to broadband internet. Most of the existing editors work in a home office environment. There is no programming required and software will be provided that is easy to use.

Remuneration would be based on the growth on traffic growth and membership of the site. Initially the role is likely to be part-time but it is expected that ultimately it would become full-time as the site grows. The editor will be responsible for keeping the site's news content up to date and dispatching an e-mail newsletter.

He or she will benefit from help and support of other editors in the group including those responsible for Acton and Chiswick. News content is shared between the sites.

If you think you might be interested in taking up the role please send a very brief resume to info@neighbournet.com with a short explanation of why you would like to become editor and what you would hope to achieve.

We hope to make an appointment before the end of May.

April 30, 2009