Help Russ Get Back On Track!

Park Club hosts boxing night to support spinal injury charity

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Orchards of London are thrilled to be one of the main sponsors of The Park Club’s White Collar Boxing event on Saturday
22nd March 2014.
The event will include guest appearances, a resident DJ and a Sporting Star MC. The main purpose of the event is to raise money for a remarkable cause, Russell Dawkins’ Back on Track, which helps provide equipment for those affected by spinal injuries.

Paul Connolly, Managing Director at Orchards of London and Boxer, says: “I have been training for this event for approximately eight weeks now and it has been an incredible journey so far. The conditioning program I have been following has been very rigorous and intense, but on a whole has improved my overall fitness and well-being. I cannot wait to get into the ring and help raise money and awareness for the Russell Dawkins’ Back on Track ChaMarch 21, 2014on with the hashtag, #FightForRuss; we are aiming to raise as much awareness as possible for this fantastic cause. With eighteen boxers participating, this event is unmissable!”

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March 20, 2014