Watermans Announces 2013 Plan

Parking charges and future planned move officially acknowledged

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The Watermans have announced its plans for the forthcoming year. The arts centre in Brentford makes an acknowledgement that a change of venue is likely to happen in the future. The planned introduction of car parking charges has also been revealed, as well as a promise that there will be no change in Cinema ticket prices and a new approach to performing arts.

You can read the full statement below:


2012 has been a really busy year. The Olympic and Paralympic Games decimated our audiences for three months across the Summer, but wasn't it a wonderful Summer? Fortunately we thought this would happen and so we took the opportunity to develop our abilities in producing Outdoor Arts. Our West London Festival featured 10 different events in 6 different locations and was attended by over 50,000 people."

It goes on to say that "2013 will present a new set of challenges. Suddenly the prospect of moving to a new building a little further into the centre of Brentford has become a distinct possibility. Although nothing will happen for several years we must begin to start planning for this as it will involve a lot of change. We also want to ensure that we offer our customers a constantly changing and improving service so we have some exciting plans for the year ahead, some of which are listed below."

Live Opera from Glyndebourne

Over the next three months Watermans will be installing a new satellite on the roof that will enable them to stream live-productions from theatres and opera houses around the world. The first productions they are planning to screen will be six operas from Glyndebourne's Summer season later this year.

No Increase to Cinema Ticket Prices

This year Watermans are planning NO increase in the price of cinema tickets (unless the Chancellor does something with VAT). They shall also continue with the £5 Mondays and Thali Tuesdays where there will be a new and slightly cheaper Thali Meal Deal (meal and a film for £15)

Car Parking Charges to be Introduced

The car park is one of the major sources of customer dissatisfaction. People complain that it is dark, dirty and feels unsafe with a steady trickle of abandoned cars. So the theatre have decided do something about this. They will be giving the car park a refresh during January and from 1 February have contracted a company to provide daily visits by security staff. There is however a price to pay for this and PAY & DISPLAY machines will be installed. Charges will be kept as low as possible and there will be introducing a special all-inclusive annual rate for Friends of Watermans. This will make it easier for customers to find a parking space, help the theatre to keep the car park safer and clean and tidy and remove cars that have been abandoned more quickly.

New Approach to Performing Arts

There will be a new approach to performing arts later in the year when the theatre is going to try to transfer some of the exuberance and dynamism from Outdoor productions into performances inside Watermans. This means that they will be programming events in the theatre in bursts of activity with different themes. This will also leave the theatre free to enable schools, colleges and outside groups to continue to use the theatre on an independent basis. News of the first of these will be announced shortly and will appear on the website as soon as it is confirmed.

"It's going to be a lively year and we hope to see you here again soon. We have a terrific programme of films scheduled over the next three months as well as bringing back a few recent favorites that you might have just missed."

Happy New Year from Everyone At Watermans.

January 2, 2013