Taxi Protest Causes Local Traffic Congestion

Demo against 'Uber' mobile app comes out along M4

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Cabbies from the 'Uber' app taxi demonstration took their protest to west London causing traffic disruption along the M4 including the Hogarth (A316) and Chiswick roundabout.(June 11).

A large number of police were called to direct traffic at the Hogarth roundabout where the drivers of the black London taxicabs demonstrated at around 2.30pm.

Earlier, TfL had reported congestion along Hammersmith at Talgarth Road , and advised motorists to avoid the area as well as avoiding Chiswick roundabout on the south circular road.

The protest was over and traffic had eased in the area by 3.30pm.

There was gridlock in the afternoon in central London around Haymarket, Whitehall, Trafalgar Square and out along the westbound routes, with congestion reported in Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith and Chiswick.

An estimated 12,000 drivers took part in the protest. They claim the 'Uber' mobile phone app, which uses GPS tracking to allow customers book a nearby taxi and work out the cost of the journey, is breaking the law and will lead to unlicensed drivers being contacted.

An estimated 3,000 taxi drivers are believed to be registered with Uber in London.

One driver said their protest was directed against TfL rather than Uber. It was estimated that the protest would cost the London economy about £125million.

June 11, 2014