Fun in The Sun: But Remember The Dangers

Tried and tested review of beachwear

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Images from Platypus Australia

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Do you rememember that really hot weather we had just before the kids broke up for the school holidays?

If you're anything like me it probably sent you into a blind panic - no suitable clothes - sun tan lotion no where to be seen - and where oh where are those zillion hats you bought for the kids last time it was sunny?

Well this year I thought I'd try and get one step ahead of myself and be prepared, so, when I was offered the opportunity for my kids to sample some UV protective sunwear I jumped at it.

Naturally that was tempting fate and the day it all arrived so did the traditional wet weather. It's taken an age for us to actually unwrap the colourful packages and get to grips with trying it out.

I believe the summer might show itself soon (don't quote me on that) so with a bit of luck you just might get the chance to get to the beach and snatch some rays.

Make sure that young skin is protected and as well as the Ozzie Slip Slop Slap rule it's also well worth taking another leaf from their book and looking at the Platypus Australia beachwear range.

It comes in a large variety of colors and designs and there really is a good choice with something that should please all tastes.

My youngest (4) is happy splashing around in next to nothing but given the climate in this country that's not generally feasible. The good thing about the all-in-one sunsuit is that not only does it act to protect against the harmful rays - it also keeps little skins a bit warmer. If it means we can stay splashing on the beach that bit longer that's got to be good news. He semed very happy with his outfit.

My ten year old son particularly liked his board shorts, and my daughter - at 13 - is at the upper age range of the collection. She had the tankini to trial but preferred the bikini.

The Ozzies have known about the dangers of sun-worship for a long time, and they've put that knowledge into expert use.

Platypus Australia was formed in 1996 by two mothers who had first-hand experience with applying sun-screen to kids on the move. Combining a great design with sun protection expertise, the range follows the British Standard UPF 40+ for Ultraviolet Radiation, guaranteeing maximum protection.

Since its launch, the brand has grown rapidly in the UK and is now expanding in Europe, Asia, and the US market.

It's not the cheapest on the market - prices are around the £25.00 mark for board shorts and £23.49 for the tankini set but it's thought to be one of the best - ask an Ozzie!

So, if we do get that summer we've all been anticipating it'd be worth checking out the 2012 collection.

It's available in-store and online at John Lewis, House of Fraser and online at

9th August 2012