Flying High at The Aeronaut

Drink, good food and great entertainment all under one roof

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If you don't want to trudge into London for a night out (and sometimes that really can be a bit of a bore), there are a variety of places locally that might be great to eat, drink or even dance, but there is nowhere quite like The Aeronaut.

Since it reopened just under two years ago this place has been quietly growing in popularity and it's easy to see why.

We were invited to try out the circus night which takes place on Fridays and Saturdays and is a cross between cabaret, comedy and amazing acrobatic tricks.

Suffice to say it is great entertainment and each week there are a range of excellent and talented performers doing their thing.

The house was packed - (notably by young adults who wouldn't have looked amiss in trendy Hoxton) and the circus was absolutely fantastic. A small space and not without its challenges but each act was totally professional and rather unique. It was great fun and very entertaining and the night could have ended quite happily there, but this is a pub that keeps on giving...

After the show ended a disco took over - remember the quaint old discos when you actually knew the music? Well joy oh joy! this was one such. And even though some of this audience couldn't have possibly recognised the tunes from the first time round, they nevertheless got into the spirit of things and the floor was packed. The atmosphere was lively, friendly and it appeared to me that everyone was having a great Friday night out.

I always reckon you can often judge a place by the quality of the fish and chips served, as well as the state of the toilets. Suffice to this place ticked both boxes. We ate before the show started and the food was actually far better than I expected; very good portion size, fresh, light and really tasty fish and chips.

Pleased to say the loos were spotless too - which in such a busy pub can be no mean feat.

Featuring an on-site brewery, a sideshow-themed garden, great quality food and the circus show every Friday, The Aeronaut - part pub, part brewery, part circus is entirely unlike anything you've seen before... It's perhaps the reason it won the Best Pub in Acton at Time Out's Love London Awards. My advice - book up now before we have any more East Enders invading our pubs!


Annemarie Flanagan

17th September 2015