Ealing and Brentford Consolidated Charity

Becomes Pathways

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From 1 July 2011 Ealing and Brentford Consolidated Charity (EBCC) is changing its name to Pathways.

Pathways has its origins in small local charities dating back as far as the 16th century.  These charities provided ‘relief for persons in need, hardship or distress’.

Today, Pathways is translating these goals in a modern day context to become a not-for-profit organisation which builds, transforms and supports people and communities to reach their full potential. Pathways will continue to deliver and extend services which meet the needs of local people. These include:

  • Sheltered housing for older people
  • Managing our own grant scheme and running programmes on behalf of other organisations including The Evening Standard (Dispossessed Fund) and the Big Lottery (People Powered Change)
  • Owning and managing allotment plots where people can grow local produce, reduce food air miles and build sustainable communities
  • Support for local groups working with young people and launching Cultivate London – a social enterprise providing employment, education and training for young unemployed people in urban agriculture.

Maria Gledhill, Chief Executive says “This is an exciting time in our long history and we will continue to build, transform and support people and communities to reach their full potential”

Sir Bob Kerslake, Permanent Secretary, Department for Communities & Local Government “I am really impressed with the work Pathways (EBCC) is doing; it’s a great example of how small organisations with an understanding of local ambitions can make a big difference in communities


June 30, 2011