Could Soldier John Be Your Grandfather?

Help reunite a member of the French Resistance with a once local soldier

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John's wedding photo was sent in 1945 to Victor Cuvelier’s parents address , at Meurchin (Pas-de-Calais)

The name of the Photographer’s Studio shown on the back is Wakefields Ltd, Chiswick this may indicate that John came from the Greater London area.

If you click on the above links you may see the photos full screen and zoom in for an even closer look.

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Can you help reunite Victor Cuvelier of the French Resistance with 'John', of 13 Honourable Artillery Co. Regt, Royal Horse Artillery?

Chiswick Local Studies Library, on behalf of Victor Cuvelier, are asking for your help.

The two men last met over a 24 hour period, on 4th September 1944 at Billy-Berclau, a small village in Northern France.

We know that John belonged to the 13 Honourable Artillery Co. Regt, Royal Horse Artillery, and was a motor-cyclist out-rider, carrying out forward reconnaissance work in the area.

Victor Cuvelier was in the French resistance movement at the time, met John and helped to guide him through the small country lanes avoiding the German positions.

Victor sheltered John through the night, who was then able to return to his Regiment to report back with the latest Intelligence.

Victor Cuvelier, now aged 84, was a former member of the French Resistance movement (F.T.P.F), would dearly like to make contact with John or members of his family, whom he last met in France in September 1944.

At the time, Victor Cuvelier had joined the French Army & was away in Germany until his return in 1946.

If you recognise the couple from the wedding photograph or have any information that may be useful please email Chiswick Library at

December 8, 2010