Local Constituencies Set To Turn Yellow?

Latest polls suggest locals swinging towards Lib Dem


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Local Elections 2010: The Liberal Democrat Manifesto

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Liberal Democrats will be buoyed up by new polls which show the party as a real contender in the area.

The Evening Standard reports YouGov predicting Lib Dem candidate Jon Ball set to win Ealing Central & Acton.

Under the headline, "Cleggmania sweeps across London with Lib-Dems set to take seats from Labour" the Standard says

"if YouGov's figures are echoed in actual voting on May 6 then out will go Labour's Glenda Jackson at Hampstead & Kilburn and Emily Thornberry, defending Islington South.

''The Lib-Dems would win both constituencies, along with Labour-held Ealing Central & Acton.''

Betfair’s General Election Bet of the Day also tips Lib Dems to win the seat.

"The notional figures for this new seat point towards a classic three-way marginal,” states Betfair’s Paul Krishnamurty.

“The Lib Dems start in third place, but only trail Labour by 3%.Given the huge swing from Labour to Lib Dems between the 2005 result and current polls, Clegg's party are clearly a much greater threat to the Tories here.

“So long as Lib Dem activists, who are a force to be reckoned with in this part of West London, can get the message across that their party are the only ones that can keep the Tories out, they stand a much better chance than their current 3.7 odds imply.”

Liberal Democracy is also “blooming in Brentford and Isleworth” according a poll published in the Financial Times. Local voters are said to be feeling that "it's someone else's turn" in government.

A straw poll conducted by the newspaper on Brentford High Street and Turnham Green Terrace showed that many of those seeking a change from Labour are looking to Lib Dems.

However, some of those toying with the Lib Dems admit that they could still change their mind.

"I've been wanting to change parties because of the expenses [scandal] but I expect I'll end up voting Labour again," a charity fundraiser told the FT.

"Clegg seemed like a nice chap but I just worry about his experience."

April 27, 2010