Travellers Set Up Site In Gunnersbury Park

Hounslow Council says it will take action to remove them

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Members of the travelling community have set up a site in Gunnersbury Park.

About ten caravans and cars arrived on Sunday evening (June 8th).

A spokesman for Hounslow Council said they would take action to remove the encampment.

“We are aware that travellers arrived on Sunday.

“Officers from the council are visiting the site to speak with the travellers about their presence and to assess the welfare of any children in the group.

“We will go through the necessary legal processes to remove them from the park as quickly and safely as possible and – with the police - will monitor the site to minimise disruption to local people and park users.

“We understand people may be concerned about the new site and would like to assure you that the council is doing everything in its powers to address the situation appropriately.”

June 9, 2014