One off Dance Performance at Watermans

Fasih Rehman performs Kathak Mughlia this Friday

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From 7:45pm on Friday 4th November, there will be a 4 piece dance performance called Kathak Mughlia for all the family to enjoy. The dances will be performed by Fasih Rehman who is said to be the first male Kathak dancer of Pakistan and arguably one of the best in the world. This will be his first performance since 2006, where he performed at the Royal Albert Hall. Fasih Rehman has strived throughout his career to bring the beauty of dance to others. He has had over 30 years of experience and an understanding of the Kathak Artform.

Kathak Mughlia is a compelling, storytelling form of dance depicting traditional myths and stories which are both Hindu and Muslim. It is controlled and precise but also an energetic, lively form of dance which represents a cultural dialogue and rich heritage from the North of India.

"On stage, though, he shifts seamlessly between tandava and lasya, the masculine and feminine energies needed to portray a Kathak love song, tugging at his imaginary paramour's plait one moment, gracefully sliding on bangles the next." - Renuka Narayanan, Indian Express

Kathak is a classical dance style originally from the north of India and present day Pakistan, but now performed internationally. The form of dance is performed mainly in an upright position, with legs straight and involves a lot of fast, rhythmic footwork combined with flowing arm movements and fast spins.

The length of this performance piece is 55 minutes with no interval.


November 1, 2011

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