Organise a Street Party: Big Lunch 2010

Deadline for Council submissions is approaching

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If people would like to find out about staging a Big Lunch street party, they should contact Nick Buckley in the Festivals and Events team on 020 8825 5386

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Local residents have until June 18 to tell the council if they want to organise a street party as part of this year’s Big Lunch initiative. 

Neighbourhoods and communities across the whole of the UK will take part in celebrations on Sunday, July 18 designed to encourage good neighbourliness and better and friendlier relations with people living nearby.

These events are likely to range from simple tea parties in back gardens to large street parties for the whole neighbourhood. 

People wishing to arrange a street closure so that they can host a party are being advised that they need to apply to Ealing Council by Friday, June 18 at the latest. This will allow just enough time for the statutory public notices advertising the closures to be published.

Nick Buckley, Community and Street Events Co-ordinator at Ealing Council, says: "People interested in holding a big lunch should contact me initially to express an interest. I will send them two forms which will need completing.

"It is important to note here that we want to facilitate these events where possible, and whilst the Council do need to see that you have thought about safety and what to do if things go wrong on a basic level; we will not be expecting you to submit the safety plan for Glastonbury festival! Please don't let this put you off! If any help is required please get in touch with me by phone for more advice.

"At present the Council is not charging people for the cost of big lunch traffic orders and wherever possible will try and facilitate them. However, this only applies as long as the street/closure in question is sensible (ie on a minor residential road), not on a critical route and sufficient access to diversions exist for drivers to go around the event."

Last year's Big Lunch saw almost one million people come together to enjoy community events – and this year the organisers want millions more to knock on the doors of their neighbours, say hello and invite them for lunch. 

The initiative is the brainchild of the Eden Project with the support of partners including The Big Lottery Fund, MasterCard, EDF Energy and the Department of Communities and Local Government. 

Eden Project chief executive Tim Smit said:
"The Big Lunch is all about building stronger communities as well as being a chance to get together and have fun. This year we are hoping that many millions more will knock on their neighbour’s door, say hello and join streets across the country for an even bigger Big Lunch." 

Sir Clive Booth, Chairman of the Big Lottery Fund added: "The Big Lottery Fund’s good cause cash is all about bringing communities together, reducing loneliness and isolation and helping to make a difference locally. By supporting The Big Lunch, we are delighted to be able to help people throughout the UK achieve this goal."

For a whole menu of ideas on how you can run your own Big Lunch, or to find a Big Lunch in your area, visit You can become a fan of the Big Lunch Facebook page or follow it on Twitter at - for up to date information.

June 4, 2010