How Many is Too Many?

Should family size be limited? The population crisis gets an airing

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A gathering of environmentalists listened to forecasts about global population growth and discussed what society should do to tackle the problems.

The public meeting was held at the Polygon, St Mary’s Church in South Ealing on Monday 5th Dec.

Over 40 people attended the meeting, which was organised by Population Matters and Ealing Friends of the Earth.

Nina Clarke and John Collier, speakers for Population Matters, showed how the earth’s population has rocketed in recent decades and how it is forecast to increase.

Nina said: “It is not good enough to say resignedly that with population growth we will need many more resources both in the UK and abroad. We must have the courage to consider population growth itself as an issue both at government level and within our individual lives and learn to appreciate the benefits for us and our children of smaller families.”

Nic Ferriday, speaking for Ealing Friends of the Earth, showed how environmental impacts are related as much to population as to over-consumption or inefficient technology.

Nic said “All environmental impacts increase and become harder to solve with more people. Whether it is air pollution, destruction of forests or climate change, controlling our population is essential if we are to safeguard the future of the planet and its people.”


7th December 2011