Help Create The World's Biggest Footprint Painting

Join the charity fundraising event at Ealing Common this month

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An attempt will be made to create the world’s biggest footprint painting for charity on Sunday 29th May, at Ealing Common.

Indian artist, Jignesh Patel will lead the Art NGO (non-governmental organisation) Creative Campus team to deliver the piece with participants to help raise funds for Japan Society Tohoku Earthquake Relief Fund.

In addition to the funds, Jignesh is also looking to break another Guinness World Record!

He said: "It is in my heart to do something for the people of Japan. Art is my passion, and if I can do something with the skills I have been blessed with to help other people, it makes me very happy.’’
"The need to help others inspires me, what use is it to have a skill or money if you cannot share it with the greater community of the world. And help those in need.’’

Creative Campus decided to raise money for Japan after Jignesh and his team watched the news coverage of the natural disaster on TV. The artist is flying in especially from India (on his own expense) to execute the event.
Ajay Kumar, Event Manager said: "We are looking forward to wonderful day, breaking a record but most importantly to raise funds for the tragic event that happened in Japan. For everyone that comes along they will get an opportunity to paint (by foot) and contribute to a great cause''
This is just one of many charity events that Jignesh has been involved. In 2007, Jignesh broke the Guinness World Records for the world’s largest finger painting, measuring 16500 sq ft, in the UK -

Creative Campus is hoping to raise £15,000 for Japan Society Tohoku Earthquake Relief Fund and wants people to log on to to help their cause.

The charity is looking for corporate and individual sponsorship (forms can be downloaded from the website).

Monark Bhojani, Sponsorship Manager ‘’Creative Campus is working very hard to raise funds for the appeal. We’ve had some great donations in terms of time and resources, but are still searching for our gold sponsor to support the day.’’




17th May 2011