Brentford Returns To Ealing Again

But the name remains the same

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Councillor David Millican and Linda Massey, one of the main festival organisers, with Denis Bowen and Ben Simpkins of Cultivate London, at last year’s festival

Blondin Welcomes Brentford

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The ever popular Brentford Festival will be held once again over the border in Blondin Park - Ealing - this year.

Brentford Festival Committee decided to move the event last year after a disagreement with Hounslow Council and its park operator Laing.

With support from the Northfields ward forum the event moved to nearby Blondin Park.

Thousands turned up and the Festival was deemed to be a great success by visitors and stall holders.

The Festival planning committee met on Monday evening (24th March) to take the organising of this year's event forward. The question on everyone's mind was where would this years festival be held. 

Feedback forms from the 2013 event which had been completed by stall holders, exhibitors and the attractions had been reviewed and as a result it was decided that Brentford Festival will be held again in Blondin Park.

Organiser Linda Massey said:

''The committee voted unanimously not  to change the name of the event because it is still in a location that covers Brentford and Ealing but it also means that it could one day move back to its original location in Boston Manor Park!

''The website will soon be updated and forms available to download for stall pitches. 

''Lots of food vendors have already come forward and, with a new Musical Director this year it looks like it is going to be another exciting event.''   

Local Northfields ward Councillor, David Millican, also chairs the board of directors of social enterprise 'Cultivate London'. He says their stall was very successful last year and welcomes the Festival's return.

''What great news that Brentford Festival will be back again this year.  Or should we now start to call it Blondin Brentford festival, as it will be in Blondin Park again?

''This is right on the border with Brentford, so it seems a very appropriate venue.  It created such a sense of community atmosphere that we are all glad that it will return to Blondin Park.''

It will be held on Sunday 7th September                            





27th March 2014