Last Orders Ladies and Gentlemen Please!

Images from the Ealing Beer Festival - last day today

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It's not raining continually - so why not get yourself over to Walpole for the last day of the Ealing Beer Festival?

Don't Let The Rain Put You Off! Sample Some Great Ales

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Thousands have visited already and there's plenty of beer on offer

If you get a peckish there's lots of food too!

And last night there was even some entertainment.

12pm - 6pm Saturday. It costs £3 for non-CAMRA members and £2 for concessions. There is free admission for the armed forces, the emergency services, those in the licensing trade, and the NHS. CAMRA Members are free before 4pm, otherwise £2. Remember to bring along proof of ID.

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7 July 2012

July 11, 2012