Diary of a Reluctant Runner

Oh my goodness - it's happening this Sunday!

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A bit of imagination might help on Sunday - do you think if I pretend I'm Jess ...I might get to the finish line before midnight?

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Ealing Half Marathon
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How did the time go so quickly?

It didn't seem so very long ago that I bought my expensive new trainers and, with the best of intentions attempted to channel my inner Jessica Ennis in the hope of transforming myself from reluctant to remarkable runner.

I had visions of losing weight and becoming a really healthy, fit specimen - full of energy. Sadly, as you may have gathered (if you have read any of my past witterings) it hasn't happened like that.

So, here I am just days away from Ealing's big event and looking despondently at the grey clouds and rain. I did say early on that I was a fairweather runner - that's not changed.

I haven't received my entry pack for the half-marathon yet and, along with being so injury prone, have taken this as another omen - perhaps I'm just not meant to do it?

I have been seriously contemplating knocking it all on the head and cheering from the sidelines this year.


I'm a glutton for punishment (+ obviously a bit mad) and not very good at giving up on things (please remind me I said that if you see me on Sunday).

So, along with thousands of trained, committed and no doubt far younger athletic types, I shall be there at Lammas Park embarking on Ealing's first ever half-marathon.

I haven't set up a charity page as I really wasn't sure I was going to do it, however, the official partner is Epilepsy Action - please donate if you can.

I don't anticipate for one second I will be able to run much. In fact I have been instructed by my physio to walk/run the route. So I shall have to heed his advice.

It will still be very hard, and probably take me an absolute eternity to get round the whole 13 mile circuit - but I said I will do it - and so I shall.

I wish everyone taking part a good run - I pray for good weather  - and urge non-runners to please come out and cheer us all on ... especially the reluctant one (with Jessica Ennis delusions) at the very, very end...



Annemarie Flanagan


26th September 2012