Diary of a Reluctant Runner

Where I wish I could swim the Ealing half-marathon

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Ealing Half Marathon
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Sadly my foot hasn't improved, in fact it's got worse and I have not been able to run - and currently can barely even walk.

Injuries such as this - which I believe is Bursitis are really hidden and it's very difficult to make people understand how truly painful they are.

A visit to the GP didn't particularly help. Rest, ice and painkillers was about the best she could suggest. 'At least it's not broken' she added. Hmm. It's really tender and quite debilitating - I reckon if it was broken there would be a lot more sympathy/understanding and action to get it fixed.

Anyway, I've been feeling rather low because of it - and the thought that I might not be able to run the Ealing half-marathon has became more of a reality.

A few visits to The Park Club in W3 cheered me up though. Ok, so I can't run at the minute - but I can swim. There's a lovely outdoor pool here (as well as the indoor one) - which, due to the summer holidays and many members being away, has been almost empty. I like to pretend it's my private pool (let me dream).

So, channelling my inner Rebecca Adlington (who my sources tell me is due to visit the club next week) I have enjoyed swimming lengths, and ok it might not be running but it's still exercise and it's a good exercise and helping me feel a bit better.

If only the Ealing Half could be done in water I'd be sorted. Perhaps next year?

Onwards and Upwards!


Annemarie Flanagan




9th August 2012