Diary of a Reluctant Runner

Week 5 ...where I get some help

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I paid a visit to Roy Summers this week at Bodyline Studios in Ealing. He took a good look at my injury and gave some good and bad news.

Because it had lasted nearly three weeks he said it was more serious than just a minor pull, but the good news was I hadn't torn a muscle, phew.

He gave my leg a thorough check and got me to warm up on the bike before going through a series of pre-run exercises - ones that perhaps may have prevented my last injury.

Having said that Roy also took a look at the way I was actually running, and said that I was doing a toe-heel rather than heel-toe.

Running like this puts an enormous amount of strain on the calf - so it's quite likely that my pulled muscle could have been caused by this.

When I dare to venture out again I will have to actively try and correct my current 'style'.

So, when am I going out again?

Well, I took Roy's advice and have been using both cold and heat treatment on the leg, and it's not bothering me as it had been. However I am a naturally a little nervous.

An injury does set you back, and I don't want to incapacitate myself again so will have to take it even slower than before - if that's possible.

At this rate I will never be ready for the half-marathon.

A bit of self-motivation is needed now. But it's half-term, it's cold and wet...

Oh dear my 101 excuses are beginning to show themselves.



Annemarie Flanagan


7th June 2012