Charity Calls Londoners To Walk To Work During The Games

This summer, why not aim to be a gold medallist yourself and see how far you can walk?

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National charity Living Streets is challenging Londoners to reduce their stress levels and their waistlines during the Games.

Transport for London anticipate an extra 3 million journeys on the busiest days of the Games, putting the network and commuters under pressure. Living Streets is encouraging the public to try walking for part or all of their usual daily journey. Forty seven journeys on the London Underground take less than 10 minutes to walk saving you time, cash and stress. There are other benefits too. According to the Greater London Authority, over half of adult Londoners are overweight or obese. With recent studies showing two in three people do no physical activity at all, a brisk walk in place of your daily journey is a simple way to build up to the recommended 150 minutes of exercise each week.

To make it easy, Living Streets are providing a personal online log for you to keep track of your mileage, an online route planner, and the ‘ice cream calculator’ which tells you how far you need to walk to burn off the calories in your favourite ice cream. Living Streets’ Chief Executive, Tony Armstrong said:

"No-one enjoys the daily journey to work on a crowded underground, commuter train or bus, especially in the warm weather. With London’s transport system under pressure during the Games, it’s a perfect opportunity to try walking a part or maybe even all of your journey and our online tool at can help. You’ll arrive at work fresher and less stressed and feel a lot fitter once the Games are over."

July 24, 2012