Mayoral and London Assembly Candidates

Meet Ealing and Hillingdon London Assembly Green Candidate


Green Party London Assembly candidate Mike Harling campaigning for cleaner air with Sarah Edwards

Election Candidates Show Support for Ealing Hospital

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Mike Harling who is standing as the Green Party’s Candidate for Ealing and Hillingdon in the London Assembly elections on Thursday 3rd May works as a social worker at Ealing Council and is also a parent governor at his son’s secondary school in Uxbridge.

Mike said:
“I’m standing as the Green party Candidate as I want London to be a fairer cleaner city. Boris Johnson spends his time wining and dining hedge fund managers and city financiers when the GLA needs to focus on rejuvenating local economies.

The Green Party supports credit unions offering affordable finance to local people and businesses as an alternative to payday loan companies. Greens want to stabilise housing costs and refurbish poor quality homes.

Greens want to fight this government’s plans to run the health service for profit rather than for patients. Recently I have campaigned outside schools in Ealing and Uxbridge to inform parents of the poor quality of London's air due to the high traffic volumes.

Greens in Ealing have also been involved in the campaign to stop the incredibly expensive and ill thought out HS2.

London needs a fresh approach and that's what I can offer.”

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London Mayoral Election

Candidate Party
Siobhan Benita Independent
Carlos Cortiglia British National Party
Boris Johnson Conservative
Jenny Jones Green
Ken Livingstone Labour
Brian Paddick Liberal Democrats
Lawrence Webb Fresh Choice for London (UKIP)

London Assembly Election

Candidate Party
Richard Barnes Conservative
Onkar Sahota Labour
Mike Cox Liberal Democrats
Mike Harling Green
Helen Knight Fresh Choice for London (UKIP)
David Furness BNP
Ian Edward National Front


May 1st 2012