Labour's Dr Onkar Sahota Takes Ealing and Hillingdon

Deputy Mayor Richard Barnes loses seat on London Assembly


Dr Onkar Sahota (pic from twitter@juliangbell)

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Dr Onkar Sahota has taken the Ealing and Hillingdon London Assembly seat from Deputy Mayor Richard Barnes - with a majority of over 3,000 votes - a swing of 9.2%.

The local GP, former magistrate and school governor has run a tireless campaign focussing on the threat to Ealing Hospital.

His petition against closure attracted over 10,000 signatures.

Richard Barnes, the outgoing member has served the GLA for 12 years.

In the Mayoral election Boris Johnson is still in the lead - the announcement is due at around 8pm if, as expected there is a need to count second preference votes to decide the winner.

See Live Updates Here :London Elects web site

London Mayoral Election

Candidate Party
Siobhan Benita Independent
Carlos Cortiglia British National Party
Boris Johnson Conservative
Jenny Jones Green
Ken Livingstone Labour
Brian Paddick Liberal Democrats
Lawrence Webb Fresh Choice for London (UKIP)

London Assembly Election

Ealing and Hillingdon Constituency

Candidate Party
Richard Barnes Conservative
Onkar Sahota Labour
Mike Cox Liberal Democrats
Mike Harling Green
Helen Knight Fresh Choice for London (UKIP)
David Furness BNP
Ian Edward National Front


4th May 2012