Reeling in Ealing keels over

Popular ceilidhs can no longer afford to run in Ealing

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According to the Random Band agency, who book folk bands for events and organised Reeling in Ealing, the cost of hiring Ealing Town Hall has become prohibitive.

"It is with regret that we have to announce that Reeling in Ealing ceilidhs will not take place for the time being. We lost too much money last season to be able to continue promoting the events in their current form. The possibility of moving to alternative, cheaper premises - the hire charges for Ealing Town Hall were massively increased and became totally uneconomic - is still being investigated and there is hope that Reeling in Ealing will return in the future.

It is sad that the capital city can't support more than one regular ceilidh event - Knees Up Cecil Sharp still take place - but there simply weren't enough paying customers on a regular basis to make the event financially self-sufficient.

If the new premises can be found and/or some funding can be obtained, a new series of Reeling in Ealing ceilidhs will be organised - we can promise you the same high quality events with the top bands and callers."

It can't be through lack of dancing enthusiasts. I tried one of their ceilidhs out a year or so ago; it was packed, friendly and we hardly sat down the whole night. People had even come from the other side of London for it. Good luck to them in finding a new home.

Photo courtesy of UK Student life


March 27, 2004