Don't Park on the Zig-Zags

Fixed penalty notices for dangerous drivers 

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Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for Transport and Environment with year six pupils from St John Fisher Catholic Primary School in Perivale

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Some of the worst rush-hour drivers are often parents or carers - taking their charges to and from school.

They're now being warned they could face fixed penalty notices as part of a road safety campaign.

Ealing Council will be taking enforcement action against people parked in the zig-zag area at 17 schools from 20 February.

The yellow zig-zag road markings provide a clear space for children to cross where they can see traffic and traffic can see them when going to and from school.

Banners will be displayed outside schools and leaflets given to parents and carers to remind them that it is illegal and dangerous to block the ‘school keep clear’ area marked with zig-zag lines.

As part of the campaign the council’s civil enforcement officers will patrol the 17 schools and issue fixed penalty charge notices of £110 (reduced to £55 if paid within 14 days from issue) to anyone parking on the zig-zag lines. Local police safer neighbourhood teams will also visit the schools to move on vehicles blocking the area.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for Transport and Environment said: “Parking on zig-zag lines outside schools puts children in danger by reducing their view of the road and forces them to cross between parked cars. It also makes it harder for drivers to see them.

“Inconsiderate and dangerous parking near schools is one of the biggest complaints I get in my mailbag from parents and neighbours. This campaign is about reminding parents why they shouldn’t park dangerously outside schools. Keeping children safe on the road is our priority and if parents continue to ignore those warnings then we won’t hesitate to issue penalty charge notices.”


The zig-zag campaign will be at the following schools from Monday, 20 February to Friday, 2 March

1 St Augustine’s Priory, Ealing
2 Perivale Primary
3 North Ealing Primary
4 St Saviours Primary, Ealing
5 St Josephs Primary, Hanwell
6 St John Fisher Primary, Perivale
7 Little Ealing Primary, Ealing
8 Petts Hill Primary, Northolt

The campaign then moves to the following schools from 12-23 March
1 Hambrough Primary, Southall
2 Dormers Wells Infant School, Southall
3 Featherstone Primary, Southall
4 Dormers Wells Junior School, Southall
5 North Primary School, Southall
6 Wolf Fields Primary, Southall
7 Mayfield Primary, Hanwell
8 St Raphael’s Catholic Primary, Northolt
9 Downe Manor Primary School, Northolt

Seven schools have already taken part in the first phase of the campaign in January
1 Southfield Primary School, Bedford Park
2 West Acton Primary School
3 Berrymede Infant & Nursery, Acton
4 Derwentwater Primary School, Acton
5 East Acton Primary
6 St Vincent’s Catholic Primary, Acton
7 Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls, Acton




23rd February 2012