More Money To Boost Youth Opportunities

Helping vulnerable young adults into work, study and training

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The Government's given Ealing a quarter of million pounds to help improve the life chances of young people.

The money comes from the DCLG’s Transformation Challenge Award fund and will be used to support those identified at an early stage as being in danger of dropping out of the education system and becoming unemployed.

It will also be used to develop stronger relationships between the council local employers, Job Centre Plus, and local schools and colleges. The council will bring them together to make careers guidance more relevant to the local jobs market and to help employers identify potential workers.

Councillor Binda Rai, cabinet member for children and young people, said:

“Our work over the years shows the profound difference that focussed support can make to a young person’s self-belief and future. It makes sense both financially and socially for this money to be invested, because it will increase employment and reduce truancy, anti-social behaviour and crime further down the track.

“When young people leave school without any qualifications or skills they are in serious danger of ending up on the margins of society and missing out on all of the economic and social benefits that having a job and career brings. We want to prevent this by giving them extra help at the right time.”

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9th December 2014