Ealing Could Get 20 Miles an Hour Limit

Consultation on plans to reduce speed on local streets

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Ealing could become the largest area in West London to have a 20mph borough wide speed limit in residential areas and town centres. 

A public consultation over the plans will take place later this year and then a one year trial will start in Acton (summer of 2016).

The council say the new urban speed limit of 20mph was developed to address traffic speed concerns raised in the most recent residents’ survey.

It aims to increase road safety and improve the health and quality of life of residents in Ealing by reducing road casualties and traffic noise as well as making greener modes of travel, such as cycling and walking, more appealing. 

The lower speed limit is also in line with a National Institute for Health and Care Excellence’s (NICE) review on tackling the causes of early death which identifies large public health benefits when traffic speeds are lowered.  

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, said: “We already have 20mph zones or limits in 37% of roads in Ealing and reducing speeds across the borough will bring many benefits, such as enhancing road safety and improving the health and quality of life for our residents. Studies have shown that a borough wide speed reduction could prevent approximately 60 casualties each year.
“We want our roads to be among the safest in London and actively encourage drivers not only to reduce their speed, but also to get out of their cars and walk or cycle in our borough.”

Lib Dem Councillor Gary Malcolm,  said: "The Liberal Democrats support cutting speeds by introducing 20 mph zones. We have a 20 mph zone in Southfield that was introduced recently and it was good to lead the way. We support the 20 mph zones and hope they will reduce the number of accidents particularly to pedestrians and cyclists who are often the most vulnerable."

The speed limit could be expanded to residential areas and town centres across the borough by spring 2019.

The 20mph limit would not apply to the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN) red routes including the A312 TLRN section.

For more information about streets and travel options in Ealing please visit the council’s website.  

Some 175 miles of residential streets, about a quarter of London’s roads, already have 20mph limits. 20mph zones have already been imposed in residential areas in Camden, Islington and the City of London.




27th July 2015