Traffic Wardens to Strike

Company deny minimum quota set for parking tickets

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Car drivers parking illegally in Ealing are being warned they won't get away with it today and tomorrow as traffic wardens go on strike.

The parking attendants employed by NSL are taking action over the dismissal of a colleague who claims published in a local newspaper that they have to give out a quota of tickets - around 10 to 15 a day.

They will protest outside the company's offices in Uxbridge Road, West Ealing.

A spokesman from NSL told us : "NSL categorically deny any suggestion that we use quotas or targets linked to the number of PCNs that are issued. NSL’s position on the issue of targets in parking enforcement is clear.

''We were the only private contractor to call for the law to be changed to make such practices illegal, and we were very pleased when this came about with statutory guidance issued in 2008 as part of the Traffic Management Act.”

"The claim that more than 10 staff have been dismissed and 30 disciplined in the last two months, supposedly for not issuing enough PCNs, is utterly false. The reality is that since the beginning of the year, 4 members of staff have had to be dismissed and 6 disciplined. All of these cases relate to substantiated cases of absence or non-attendance at work."

NSL say the strike is a response to the dismissal of member of staff for falsifying documentation.

Union representative Richard Gates from Unite says: ''The strike is as NSL have correctly stated over one issue , the dismissal of Parveen Bhardwaj over allegations of falsifying his note book and idiling. It has no connection with number of tickets issued.

''We will be on strike today and tomorrow with further action pending. Today we had only two members go to work with more than 31 either on the picket line or standing opposite the depot in Uxbridge road demonstratin.

Managers and agency staff willl take to the streets along to cover the shortfall.


1st March 2012