Tories Call For Council Tax Freeze Next Year

Labour say they will deliver on their promise

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Cllr Jason Stacey Leader of Ealing's Conservative Group has called upon the Labour Administration to take advantage of the Coalition Government offer to freeze Council Tax if they can limit their spending rise to 2.5%.

Cllr Stacey said:

“The Coalition Government has pledged to freeze Council tax in England for two years, if Council’s can limit their spending increase to 2.5%. The previous Conservative Administration froze Council tax for the last two years, and if there was ever a time, that hardworking families in the Borough, could benefit from a zero increase in Council Tax, now is it.

''I therefore urge that the Labour administration to take advantage of this offer to limit the financial burden to our residents and minimise the potential cuts that have to made, as the Coalition Government deal with the scale of the financial mess left by Labour.”

Labour Council Leader Julian Bell says they promised to freeze council tax and that is what they still plan to do:

“Unfortunately Cllr Stacey is a little late to the debate on Council tax. He obviously wasn’t listening during last year’s budget when we proposed freezing council tax this year and his group opposed it. He obviously didn’t pay any attention when Ealing Labour put a council tax freeze in our manifesto and the Conservative group failed to do so.

''He must have missed the several occasions in council when Cllr Johnson and myself have confirmed that it is the administration’s policy to freeze council tax this year. Finally he can’t have read the council press release that went out this week confirming that this is still the Labour council’s policy.

''I can confirm for everyone else that it has been Ealing Labour’s policy since last March to freeze council tax in 2011/12 and we will deliver on our promise.

''Ealing Labour recognises that these are difficult times for everyone and we believe that freezing council tax will help households at a time when their budgets are stretched."






17th November 2010