Fined For 'Disgusting Habit' of Spitting

Localised campaign in Southall will be rolled out across borough

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The police and council have responded to public pressure in Southall and are cracking down on spitting - with the intention of enforcing it in other areas later in the year.

This month (Feb) officers from the council’s envirocrime prevention service and the police’s safer neighbourhood team will issue £80 fixed penalty notice to anyone caught littering or spitting.

The spitting enforcement campaign is being launched in Southall in response to concerns raised by the community about the impact of this anti-social behaviour on the area and environment. Similar enforcement action targeting spitting and littering is planned for other areas in the borough later this year.

Councillor Ranjit Dheer, cabinet member for community services and safety, said: “Spitting on our streets is unhygienic, unacceptable and overall a disgusting habit. Spitting gum, paan or khat also leaves unsightly stains and marks on our footpaths, which are expensive to clean, and extremely unpleasant for local residents and businesses in the area.

“We want to encourage people to take more pride in their local area, and hopefully our joint enforcement campaign and the risk of an £80 penalty will deter people from spitting in our streets.”

Chief Inspector Colin Wingrove of Ealing Borough, said: "Like other forms of anti-social behaviour such as street drinking, we are responding to requests from residents and businesses, by taking action with Ealing Council to make the streets look and feel safer."

To report littering or issues with spitting in your area to the council, go to


11th February 2014