Invisible Solution To Catch Burglars

SmartWater kits roll out in Ealing

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Residents living in some burglary 'hotspots' in Ealing are to be given a new property marking kit aimed at deterring criminals.

The new programme- known as MetTrace - will see kits being distributed which contain an invisible solution with a unique forensic code. Owners can mark their possessions with this and also display warning stickers to deter burglars.

The code can then be used by the police to trace the items back to owners - should they ever be stolen - and to link suspects to crime scenes.

Created by SmartWater®, the solution, which is virtually impossible to remove and can only be viewed under UV light, has already been proven to significantly reduce burglary.

During a recent Met trial across five boroughs, burglary rates reduced on average by 49 per cent, with some areas seeing a reduction of more than 70 per cent. More than half of residents involved in the pilot said they felt safer after they applied the liquid to items in their homes.

Ealing Superintendent for Neighbourhoods and Operations, Colin Wingrove, said:

“Our aim is to create a hostile environment for burglars as we work hard to catch and convict offenders, as well as prevent crime before it happens. MetTrace will help make Ealing a safe and secure borough for residents, businesses and visitors."

Ealing will get 9,000 of the kits, and a total 440,000 will be distributed in London over the next hree years.

Next week Safer Neighbourhoods Teams will be delivering, explaining and demonstrating the kits to residents and be on hand to answer questions and provide crime prevention advice.

12th June 2015