Ealing Pupils Are Top Of The Class

SATS results show youngsters performances improving

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New figures have shown that Ealing's primary pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds are doing better in reading, writing and maths than their peers nationally.

The key stage 2 SATS are to evaluate performance and students are expected to achieve level 4 before they move on to high school.

Pupils entitled to free school meals or who are in care, on average, tend to finish primary school behind their peers, but in Ealing 75% achieved the expected level 4 or better in their KS2 SATS, compared with 85% of all other pupils. Nationally the figure is 67% for disadvantaged pupils compared with 83% of all others.

Overall, results in Ealing have risen across all subjects with 81%  of all 10 and 11 year olds achieving level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths; an increase of 4% on 2013 and better than the 79% achieving this nationally.

Ealing primaries also do well at helping pupils to progress with 93% making expected progress in reading and maths, while 95% made expected progress in writing. Results show 41% of children who were below expected levels at age seven went on to reach level 4 or above by the time they left primary school. This is a 4% increase on last year.

High performers also do well in Ealing primaries. Of those predicted to do well at the age of seven, 78% went on to achieve a level 5 or better compared with the national average of 67%.

Councillor Binda Rai, cabinet member for children and young people, said: “One thing that stands out in these results is how good Ealing primaries are at getting the best out of pupils, regardless of the level at which they start school. These results show the quality of teaching going on in our local schools and reflect the hard work that teachers and school staff put in to help children to reach their potential.

“We want children to finish primary school ready to tackle the bigger challenges that high school brings and I’m pleased to say that our local schools are doing a great job at this.”


13th January 2015