Ealing's Rubbish Situation - Opposition Leaders Have Their Say

Conservative Cllr David Millican and Lib Dem Gary Malcom speak out:

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“Last week Ealing Council let us all down badly with the appalling start to the new waste and recycling service.

“We are told that staff were still being trained on the first Monday morning, so started late and that they did not have enough refuse lorries of the right type.

“This is such an important contract that, if I had been Leader of the Council, I would have made sure that the contractor was completely ready. The current Council Leader needs to make sure that the service improves right away and this mess never happens again.

“The Conservatives are proud of the legacy we left of a waste and recycling service that worked well. The streets were swept regularly and graffiti was all but eliminated.

“All residents want a clean environment, swept streets, no litter, no graffiti, and their rubbish and re-cycling collected regularly. We can’t go back to the bad old days before we sorted out the mess. The people of the borough deserve better.”

Councillor David Millican, Conservative Group Leader


Meanwhile, Councillor Gary Malcolm for the Lib Dems has described the rubbish problems as ' another monumental disaster for Ealing.'

He says his ears are 'bleeding' from residents annoyed about how they have been treated.

Read his blog in full here



12th April 2012