Ealing Council 'Prepared for Resentment' Over Wheelie Bins

Opposition Councillors launch petition against changes to refuse collection

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Local Councillors are organising a petition against Ealing Council's plans to introduce wheelie bins across the borough.

The change in refuse collection arrangements was announced towards the end of last year and will also mean fortnightly collections.

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Southfield Ward, Gary Busuttil raised question about the plans at a recent Council Scrutiny Panel meeting. He said that he believed many properties in his ward, which includes the Bedford Park and Acton Green areas of Chiswick, were not big enough two house two wheelie bins plus other containers.

According to Cllr Busuttil a Council officer said "Everyone will get a wheelie bin whether they like it or not. We [the Council] expect resentment, and are ready for it."

When the issue of whether wheelie bins would be imposed on conservation areas was raised he was told that there was no bye law that prevents this happening.

The new bins will cost the Council £3 million which is to be funded by borrowing.

Councillor Gary Malcolm said: "It is sad that the Labour-run Ealing Council wants to force residents in Southfield to have two wheelie bins. Your Liberal Democrat Councillors are concerned that many people will not have space to store these additional collection vessels. Please sign our petition and forward to neighbours so that we can get as many people to show the Council that these Council plans are not suitable for our area."

The changes - which would start in 2016 - would see residents getting two free wheelie bins. Food waste would continue to be collected weekly but other collections would be alternate weeks - one week for general waste and the following week, recycling.

Flats and homes unable to store wheelie bins would continue with black sacks, with clear sacks for recycling.

The system is already in operation in nearby boroughs and the Council believe it will help increase recycling and save nearly a million pounds.

At the time of the original decision Cllr Julian Bell said: 'Without the money needed to make ends meet we have been left with no choice but to think the unthinkable and to make these heart-breaking decisions... We have to prioritise and concentrate our funding on fewer things which we believe will have the greatest impact on improving the lives of local people.''

April 4, 2015