Public Meeting To Discuss Ealing Riots

Your chance to have your say about what happened in August

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A special meeting will give people the opportunity to express their views and experiences of the Ealing riots as part of national and local inquiries in to the widespread disorder in August.

Members of the national independent Riots and Communities and Victims Panel will join Ealing Council’s Riot Scrutiny Panel to host a public meeting to hear what happened, why and how Ealing can build a stronger and safer community.

The meeting will be held in the Victoria Hall, Ealing Town Hall on Monday 17 October between 6pm-10pm.

Local residents, businesses, young people and community leaders will have the opportunity to speak at the meeting, ask questions and talk to members of the panels informally.

Representatives from the council and police will listen to reflections on the impact of the riots, the response by the community and public services and what can be learnt for the future.

The independent Riot Communities and Victims Panel, set up by the government, is being chaired by Darra Singh, the council’s former chief executive. Information from the meeting will form part of its evidence gathering for the national report due to be published later in the autumn.

The council’s own inquiry will focus on the local impact of the disorder and consider what more can be done to improve the area’s safety and improve social and economic resilience.

Ealing Council Leader, Councillor Julian Bell said: “The shocking violence in Ealing on 8 August left one of our residents dead, people burned out of their homes, businesses destroyed and many residents feeling terrified in their own homes.

“This meeting will give local people the opportunity to talk about the riots and the impact it had on them. We want to listen to their views and suggestions so that we can learn from this experience and build a safer and better Ealing.”

Darra Singh, Chair of the Riot Communities and Victims Panel, said: “There has been no shortage of national commentary, opinion and speculation, but the people best placed to help us understand the riots are communities themselves. In Ealing we want to talk to the residents, shop keepers, parents, young people, council workers, youth leaders, faith organisations - this is a panel for the people.

“ I would encourage as many people as possible to attend this meeting so we can speak to them face-to-face but anyone who cannot come can also write and email us so that everyone has the chance to have their say.”

Anyone wishing to speak at the meeting must contact Keith Fraser, head of scrutiny and committees on 020 8825 7497 or email by midday on 13 October.

4th October 2011