New Website Aims to Map Riot Hit Shops

Send in details of any businesses you know were affected

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A new website has been set up to help suffering local businesses.

DeLoot London’s mission is to make sure that not a single shop that was looted during the riots is forced to close.

While a small number of people did the damage, DeLoot London believes we can all help our local, independent businesses recover by spending our money with them.

The website gives local shoppers a map of the capital which pinpoints independent businesses hit by rioters, the shops’ addresses, some brief information about the businesses, the damage that was done by rioters and ways you can help.

So far only a few Ealing shops have been mapped but this is expected to change as the site becomes more widely known via social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Send details of shops that were hit here

Chris King, who helped set up the website, says ‘The idea came about because we wanted to do something that would help those shops that were hit the hardest - where businesses lost weeks of trading and thousands of pounds worth of stock. These businesses mean a lot to the communities they served.

‘One night could destroy generations of a family’s business that has been built up over decades. The next six months are really important for those businesses and without their local community’s support, they will struggle to stay open.

‘Giving donations is brilliant but in the long term, communities need to rally around more by the shopping in those stores that were hit.

‘We've had so many emails from people recommending shops. They are coming in as fast as we can upload them. And our support on Facebook and Twitter has been phenomenal’

August 16th 2011