The Day After The Night Before

Ealing clears up after a night of criminal damage

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Cars burnt out, shops looted and people forced to flee from their burning home. It doesn't sound very much like Ealing, but, last night that is exactly what was happening.

Today police, businesses and the Council are clearing up and counting the cost.

The smell of acrid smoke still hangs in the air over Ealing Green where the local corner shop was set alight.

Residents gathered to look on in disbelief and listened as television and radio broadcasters try and make some sense of a totally senseless night.

Dozens of people turned up at the Black Horse statue in Ealing shopping centre this morning to offer their support. Vivienne Noble who lives locally said she felt she had a responsibility to help and wanted to do whatever she could.

Many like these pictured  (below) were carrying brushes.

Miss Morris, 17, (pictured on left) said:'' I couldn't believe what happened and just wanted to show everyone that not all young people are like those we saw on our screens last night. I'm horrified and so are all my friends. We will do anything we can to help out.''

Keith Townsend, Executive Director Environment Customer Services from Ealing Council, urged people to head to west Ealing where he said the smaller businesses may need assistance.

He said: '' I am delighted and very moved that so many have turned up here - it shows what Ealing is really about.''

Police have been busy examining CCTV footage and conducting forensic searches of the area.

Meanwhile Ealing's Council Leader Councillor Julian Bell has pledged to work round the clock to lead the clean-up in areas that aren't crime scenes.

He said '' We need calm to restore to our streets and I would appeal to all those young people taking part in these disturbances to go home and think about the consequences of their actions for their victims their community and their futures.''

He advises everyone who doesn't have to be out to stay at home tonight.

' Let's just batten down the hatches - hopefully by working together we will see an end to this.''



09 August 2011