The Battle for Reynard Mills Part 3

'Critical meeting' this week - local councillors to comment on planning application

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Campaigners against a proposed new housing development on the Ealing/Brentford borders are urging local residents to attend a critical planning meeting this Thursday (26th January) evening.

The developers, (LP Brentford/Invista), want permission to use the land - just off Windmill Road - for residential blocks - housing nearly 1,000 people.

They were forced to withdraw an original application in summer following a huge amount of opposition to what residents believe is a proposed over-development of the site.

On Thursday (26th January) this second Reynard Mills planning application will be formerly commented on by the 12 councillors (from Hounslow) that make up the local area committee.

Members of the Windmill Road Action Group (WRAG) - who are against the new application - say they have serious concerns about the Council report on which the councillors will base their decisions.

They argue that key statements relating to traffic flow, along with pressures on the local road network and parking places, do not reflect the existing problems experienced by local residents, or the additional pressures that would result from nearly 1,000 extra people.

They are also unhappy that there is no mention in the report that the developer didn't consult with the local community before submitting this revised application - which they say is an expectation in most large scale development applications.

The Council report says that 300 residents have commented on the planning application, but WRAG say the promised summary has not been published in enough time for it to be studied before Thursday’s Council meeting.

The councillors can choose to support the developer’s application, or oppose the application and instruct the planning officers to refuse it.

The meeting will be held Thursday 26th January at Brentford Free Church on Boston Manor Road at 7.30pm.

Campaigners are calling for as many local residents as possible to attend for all, or part, of Thursday evening’s meeting.

We have emailed and requested comment from the developers but have had no reply.


23rd January 2012